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 Haujobb Logo (Polo Shirt), by HAUJOBB


XS – 4XL

Edition (HJB) LOGO

25,90 EUR

Example colors. Each color possible, we try to find them.
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 Edition (HJB) LOGO   

Klassisches Basic Textil. Wenn oben keine andere Wunschfarbe eingegeben wird, liefern wir in Schwarz. Gern drucken wir dieses Design auch auf jedes andere Produkt aus unserem Bekleidungskatalog » Hierbei gilt: Produktpreis + Aufdruckpreis.

Classic Basic Textile in Black, unless you specify otherwise above. We're printing this design on any other product from our Clothing Catalog » The following applies: Product price + print price.


¹  Label: Laurel Man or Symbol?

Brigadeer Web Label Positions

All pictures are example pics and similar to product. Printing ink can vary & printing motif can looks like used/ vintage/ destroyed - that's intended. In oversizes, Junior and Baby styles not all colors available.




Haujobb Logo (Polo Shirt), by HAUJOBB Haujobb Logo (Polo Shirt), by HAUJOBB



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