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 Haujobb Logo II (Polo Shirt), by HAUJOBB


XS – 4XL

Edition (HJB) LOGO II

25,90 EUR

Example colors. Each color possible, we try to find them.
Wunschfarbe eingeben: 

 Edition (HJB) LOGO II   

Klassisches Basic Textil. Wenn oben keine andere Wunschfarbe eingegeben wird, liefern wir in Schwarz. Gern drucken wir dieses Design auch auf jedes andere Produkt aus unserem Bekleidungskatalog » Hierbei gilt: Produktpreis + Aufdruckpreis.

Classic Basic Textile in Black, unless you specify otherwise above. We're printing this design on any other product from our Clothing Catalog » The following applies: Product price + print price.


¹  Label: Laurel Man or Symbol?

Brigadeer Web Label Positions

All pictures are example pics and similar to product. Printing ink can vary & printing motif can looks like used/ vintage/ destroyed - that's intended. In oversizes, Junior and Baby styles not all colors available.




Haujobb Logo II (Polo Shirt), by HAUJOBB Haujobb Logo II (Polo Shirt), by HAUJOBB



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